You've got to be kitten me.
"Wake up Sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you."
ephesians 5:14

I make photographs.
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Through the darkness towards the son.

The Lord will fight for you; You need only be still.
Exodus 14:14

Bad qualities are not “just who you are”

Speaking generally, (Biblically I’d have more to say)

If you have a bad quality, impatience as an example. Saying, “oh sorry I am just impatient”, doesn’t make up for behavior.

I remember growing up being rude to people or being labeled as a “bitch” was attractive. Instead of working on our bad qualities we glorify them.

Lets say you have a short temper, that’s NOT just who you are. You have the ability to change that and make yourself a more pleasant person to be around. I’m tired of all of this ”be exactly who you are no matter what blah blah blah” stuff. Who you are naturally isn’t always good. But we all have the ability to change and become better versions of ourselves. To treat people with kindness and respect.

I’m turning into Mr. Rogers.

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I wish..

My job was to throw adorable dinner parties.